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November is stale

Junior year arrives like a mid-life crisis in the four-year life span of the undergraduate. Just last week I was vivacious with grandiose ambitions to speed to a research topic and apply for different summer research grants. I am not out of steam, but the Halloween weekend has left a tired taste in my mind. My body, too, is lethargic, and I find that it is just a bit harder to bike to school each day.

I feel drained without reason, and I am left suspended right now. I am waiting for word about a possible service learning internship with Shakori Hills or Orange County Economic Development. Decisions of strangers will determine whether or not I will have the money to buy a nice “investment” guitar! A petty expense it seems, but I am making small, steady steps to legitimizing myself as a musician. Soon, I will have an album. Someday, I will have a good amplifier. Later, I’ll get a record deal, etc… It’s some heavy wishing.

Recording has gone well so far. David Harper and I are making steady progress, laying down basic vocal and guitar (and toy accordion!) tracks. On November 13, I’ll take to the Vinyl Records studio again with my old friend Danny Resner (formerly of the Asheville turned Austin, TX based Baker Family Band), who is always a dedicated, creative and passionate person to work with. He knows my music, what I do, and I’m sure he’ll make really valuable contributions to the album’s overall sound.

Here’s a rough mix of “Landfill Lot.” Please keep in mind that it is by no means the final version.

The Landfill Lot (Mix 1)

What sound? I am not sure. Right now, I only want it to sound REAL. It’s a feeling that a lot of music is lacking these days. I do not mean to trash electro/dance folks, but slick production does not have any business screwing with my voice or the strange, bluegrassish way I play guitar. My sound must not be created in the vacuum of computer space.

Because I’ve been busy, my MySpace page has not been updated in quite a long time. See here.


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