Here is a rough sketch of my potential post-graduate life:

a) work during the summer for a state Governor’s School program;

b) WWOOF abroad at various farms, learning and practicing new languages;

c) foster my sub-career as a musical artist: writing music, recording albums, touring and collaborating with others while working happily at a coffee shop or something;

d) AmeriCorps VISTA, working at a university service organization;

e) journalist at a small community newspaper in an interesting part of the US;

f) eventually, graduate school, perhaps to study law or a focused international study;

g) do I want to be a lawyer??;

h) write grants for extended research trips, publish in academic journals or make documentaries;

i) learn to forage and live off the land in a warm part of the earth where it wouldn’t be weird that I am white and where there are enough nutritious plant and animal species to eat;

j) always, always keep working on something, thinking creatively, learning new things, experimenting, and following my interests;

k) marriage? kids? pets? cat sanctuary? college professorship? book publication? homelessness? unibomber revival? piracy?


It is the second day of the spring 2010 semester here at UNC. Things are awesome. I am finally taking a class on environment and development, in which I will (here’s to hoping) strengthen my understanding of the delicate and complicated relationships between policy, economics, quality of life and quality of environment in developing countries.

I am posting fliers for my fourth big ol’ fundraising house show, which will be on January 23rd. Soon, also, I’ll be working with a composition class in the School of Music. They’re arranging a digital piece of music of which my song “Landfill Lot” is the centerpiece. I hope I make for good inspiration. I am forever doubting myself here, in the midst of lots of other talented (and less weird) musical artists in the Triangle area.

Continuing my efforts to try to make people care about Jacquelyn Lee. Also trying to finish my goddamn album. The EP and Vinyl Records Presents concert will be released for February, which is very very close to now!


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